KImberly Thompson - Head Coach

I swam competitively off and on throughout Junior High and High School. And have spent many years in between sharing my knowledge with our local Special Olympics programs.  

I became a Special Olympics Certified Basketball Coach at the age of 11. Making me the youngest Coach to become certified in the program. I spent 5 years Coaching along side my Mother, and being mentored by veteran coaches, before I was old enough to take on a team of my own. I discovered my passion for volunteering and coaching, as it was a way to not only bond with my brother who is Autistic, but also to provide a safe space and inclusive environment for others with intellectual disabilities.

In June of 2012, there was a need for additional Swim Coaches, and I stepped up to the challenge. I began my new venture as a swim coach once again being taught and mentored by the Head Coach Steve Crook. In the following year I became the Sports and Program Director/Assistant Area Director, once again working along side my Mother.

Together we planned competitions, transportation to out of Area events, social gatherings, fundraising, and the continued growth of the program.

I have been a proud Frog Mom for 9 years, and made the difficult decision to step down as Assistant Area Director in 2021, to put my energy into being my son’s number one fan on the deck. I look forward to seeing all the Frog Families and welcoming in the new ones in the upcoming season. It is an honor to be one of your new coaches.

Steve Crook  Coach


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Cruz Anthony Herrera

Delegate for USA Swim 2023

Junior USA Coach 2023