Frog Aquatics Swim team


Meet Our Coaches

Coach Ayman and his family have been part of the Frog family for years.  We are grateful he has come on board to share his knowledge and swimmer development techniques with our swimmers.  Ayman has coached his own kids to championship levels and now Frog swimmers also will gain his specialized knowledge.  Ayman trained under Nick Baker for his coaching credentials.  Mr. Baker is a world renowned Olympic Finalist swim coach so we are gaining invaluable technique training for our swimmers.  We have seen the progress and development in our swimmers already since Ayman has started helping us.  We look forward to many years.

Aubrey brings a unique blend of military discipline, athletic prowess, and leadership experience to his coaching role. With a background deeply rooted in military service and a lifelong dedication to sports, Aubrey has honed his skills both on and off the field, making him an invaluable asset to any team or individual seeking to achieve their fitness goals.

 As a former command fitness leader in the U.S. Navy, Aubrey understands the importance of physical fitness as not only a personal endeavor but also as a cornerstone of team cohesion and mission readiness. His experience in designing and implementing fitness programs for diverse groups of individuals, coupled with his ability to inspire and motivate, sets him apart as a coach who delivers results.

 Aubrey believes in a holistic approach to fitness, emphasizing not only physical strength and endurance but also mental resilience and emotional well-being. Drawing upon his military background and athletic experiences, he tailors his coaching style to meet the unique needs and goals of each individual or team he works with. 

Coaches are integral to guiding swimmers to excellence in the pool, and instilling in them the tools they need to succeed in life beyond competition.

Coach Patricia has been a coach for Frog Aquatics coach for several years.  Patricia brings a wealth of coaching experience to Frogs with a diverse background in swim.  Patricia has been instrumental in developing Frog Aquatics as a team and is well respected in the swim  community.  Frogs has counted on Patricia to help us grow as a team and she has never failed us in her passion for swim and the opportunities it provides to the swimmers.

Coach April joined Frogs in 2023 although we have had our eye on her for a few years now!  April is an amazing coach and actually holds a world record in open water swim!  April is a marathon swimmer and has been a professional swimmer competing with sponsors.  April brings a diverse background in swim lessons for young children and adults.  April specializes in stroke refinement and her background has already helped our team in competition as she builds their endurance and skill levels!  We are grateful to have April with us.

Coach Katrina joined Frogs as a coach in 2023 but she was  a part of the Frog family with her wonderful kids in the past.  Katrina has coached her children to championship levels with her eldest securing a spot on a college team.  Katrina's incredible background in education combined with her knowledge of swim and passion to teach swimmers gives our team the opportunity to work with swimmers of all abilities.  Katrina is well known in the competition circuit and well respected.  We are thankful she is sharing her knowledge and talent with us.


Patricia Margosian Terrell

April Holzer


Ayman Ibrahim 

Katrina Onyekwelu

Aubrey Traugott