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We are excited and looking forward to the new year of competition with our Frog family.  I wanted to share some important links and payment information so that we start the New Year off right.

Our monthly fees are as follows Monday through Friday

Advanced Swimmers                         $95.00                                                   
(Most High School Swimmers)                                                                                
Middle Group                                       $85.00                                                                    

Beginning Group                                 $85.00 

Tadpoles                                                $85.00

We offer a discount of each additional swimmer from the family at $5.00 per month starting with the second swimmer.  No other discounts are offered.  
Our web site is www.frogaquaticsteam.com.  Here you will find information for swim meets, merchandise, fun Frog pictures and general information for our team. Please like our FB from our web site.  I can be reached with the contact information on the site as well as our team administrator, Linda Arquieta-Herrera at frogaquaticsteam@frogaquaticsteam.com or 661-644-0101.

We are part of Southern California Swimming and compete in the Metro Division:  http://www.socalswim.org/.  If you have not signed your child up yet please let me or my administrator know so that we can get you the paperwork.  USA Swimming, your child should have a Deck Pass as there are benefits to this pass.  Please visit this web site for additional information http://www.usaswimming.org

Your child will need specific equipment for practice, we recommend fins, boeys, goggles, kick boards and a parka for cold weather.  You can purchase your fins, buoys, parkas and other equipment at our Frog’s Store link: www.swimoutlet.com/frogs3000 

Again, all of these links are on our web site.   I look forward to working with the coaches and your children for an eventful 2019/20 season!


​Frog Aquatics

You have chosen to have your child participate in a year round competitive swim team with monthly meets.  Our team falls under the guidelines and jurisdiction of Southern California Swimming which is under USA Swimming.

Our mission is to develop athletic prowess in our students in the discipline of swim.  We strive to provide the best instruction tailored to each student’s individual needs in order to continuously develop their swimming skills.  We stress the growth of each student to become the best they can be in an environment that is supportive with an emphasis on structure and teamwork.

This this philosophy in mind we have structured our swimming groups to support our overall mission and provide the best developmental environment for each swimmer


All new swimmers will be asked to perform an assessment test
Assessment tests determine what group swimmer will be placed in
If swimmer cannot met minimal expectations, private lessons will be offered
When swimmer is assigned into a group, the coach of that group will continue to assess each swimmers growth and ability


Promotion to the next swimming group is strictly at the recommendation of the coach
Promotions into the higher groups, Orange and Silver, will usually be done following the end of short course and long course seasons  
Promotion into more advanced groups are determined by a variety of things;  physical ability, age, daily attendance, meet attendance, and emotional and mental maturity
Swimmers must carefully consider accepting promotions as each group comes with new requirements.   Swimmers unable to commit to the requirements of the group should not accept the promotion

Swimmers that compete in meets and attend practice daily tend to see greater improvement more quickly than swimmers that do not.  Below are a list of benefits in competing at meets:

Swimming in meets allow swimmers to set personal goals and see the product of their practices
Each meet builds the confidence of the swimmer
Swimming at meets creates an environment of team as we cheer on fellow swimmers and share in their accomplishments
Swimmers gain more personal time with coaches as meet strategies are discussed prior to events with feedback given at the end of the event

Swimmers can measure their improvements on a monthly basis
Awards are earned!
Swim meets allow for team bonding for both swimmers and parents which further strengthens lifelong support and relationships

Swimmers in each group need to stay the entire practice
If a swimmer must leave early, coaches need to be told at the beginning of practice, not when the swimmer is walking out of practice
Swimmers cannot move/change groups because the swimmer and/or parents wants to be in a different group.   Swimmer must earn the right to move into a more advanced group.   If a swimmer  wants to be in a different group they must earn it
Remind swimmers to use the restroom BEFORE practice.  Practice time is valuable, so do everything in your power to stay in the water the entire time.
Ensure your swimmer is stretching before and after practice, that they are eating a well balances diet and that they are hydrating before and after practice
Swimmer assessment for groups is on -going.   Formal placements will be made between seasons, (September-December, January-May, Summer, June-July)


Frog Aquatics Swim team